Danelectro Baritone

Danelectro was the first to introduce the Baritone guitar in the late 50's
and it quickly caught on as a signature sound for spaghetti western soundtracks.

Baritone Sound Samples:


Suggested string type and gauge: D'Addario XL157 14-68 or D'Addario  XL158 13-62

The Baritone is tuned a fourth lower than a standard guitar.
The open strings are B-E-A-D-F#-B. The Baritone lets you play "tic-tac" bass or chords. 
This lower tuning can also be used to play many songs from bands that use lower tunings.
However, there's no general concensus on how a baritone should be tuned.

On the low end, the tuning can be A-D-G-C-E-A five notes below the guitar.
Most afficionados of the baritone tune it to B E A D F# B. Other tunings exist too,
notably C#-F#-B-E-G#-C# (a tone and a half below standard), which can
also be achieved on a standard-scale guitar with heavier gauge strings.
This tuning condemns the baritone player to play in 3 more flats,
or 3 less sharps than the other guitars in the ensemble, something which
sends shivers down the spine of most novice and intermediate players.

The low notes resonate in your chest and you'll groove on playing open chords and single note lines near the metal nut.
When you plug this instrument into an amp you really see what a tone-chameleon it is.
Just by altering the picking position you can get a wide variety of tone.
You can go from clacky bass at the bridge or add some warmth by moving towards the front pickup.
This is true with all guitars of course, but with the baritone it's even more pronounced.
When you add in the pickup and tone control variations you really get a great tonal palette.

Customer Testimonial

"Wow, talk about pure tone! One of the best instruments that came out of the '50's was the baritone guitar.
Danelectro and their company have knocked it out of the ballpark with this instrument!
The Baritone guitar from Danelctro is a must have to complete any collection of tone instruments.
As soon as I plugged it in to my Blues Jr. I knew that a new world of licks and tone was coming my way.
Thanks to Danelectro for PRESERVING THE BEST AND REINVENTING THE REST! I love my Dano Bari." Ron Wolf / Michigan

"I bought a baritone and I have never been so happy with an instrument I've purchased in my whole entire life.
It comepletly changed my style for the better and my band loves me for it. Thank you!" Kimberly / Brooklyn, NY

 '56 Baritone

Too cool not to find a place in every guitar player's arsenal.
Now with higher impedance and high output Lipstick pickups for richer tone.

Available in black or red.

Adjustable bridge
short scale neck
Stacked volume/tone controls
24 frets


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Wild Thing Baritone
circa 2011

This thing is so wild we're hard-pressed to come up with a guitar that has a longer, pointier lower bout 
than the Danelectro Wild Thing Baritone electric guitar. The swirling white pickguard accentuates the 
body's radical curvature and its contrast with the body finish imparts a distinct yin/yang vibe. 
Of course Danelectro has long been the instrument of choice for musicians who want to make a bold, 
distinctive visual statement with its bottle-shaped headstock and lipstick pickups while taking advantage 
of the Danelectro's easy playability and a price tag that won't cause financial meltdown. 

The Wild Thing Baritone has an extended scale 28.75 neck. That longer neck scale provides greater string 
tension, which lets you play in lower tunings than are possible with a shorter scale neck where low 
tunings often result in "floppy" strings that don't stay in tune. 

Sorry, this item is no longer manufactured.

Hodad Baritone
circa 1998-2001

Danelectro Hodad Baritone - circa 1998-2001

The Danelectro Hodad broke all of Danelectro's sales records when it was first released. 
This is a 'souped up" version of the standard Danelectro Bari and 
features the hot Hodad body style, 3 Lipstick pickups, Select-O-Matic 
switching for seven totally unique tonal flavors, 3 way pickup switch, 
fully adjustable/intonating chrome bridge,Gotoh tuners, chrome strap pegs, 
rosewood fretboard and maple neck. This model came from the 
factory with D'Addario 13-62 gauge strings.

Sorry, this item no longer being manufactured.


Longhorn Baritone
circa 2008

Sorry, this item is no longer manufactured.

'63 Baritone

circa 2008


Baritone Sound Sample:
 clean dirty

'63  Baritone Specifications

Body Type: Plywood frame w/pressed-wood top and back
Scale Length: 30"
Neck Joint: Bolt on
Neck Wood: Maple
Neck Shape: C-shape
Frets: 22
Nut Width: 1.65"
Fretboard Radius: 14"
Fretboard: Rosewood with pearloid inlay
Nut: Aluminum
Tuners: High ratio with sealed gears
Bridge: Adjustable saddles, zero gloss nickel
Pickups: Lipstick single coil
Controls: Master volume, master tone, 3-way pickup selector
'63 Baritone set-up:
Action set to 5/64" at 6th string (low string) not to exceed 6/64"
4/64" at 1st string (high string) not to exceed 5/64"
Truss Rod:   0.010" - 0.012"
Nut height at 1st fret: 0.020”
Bridge: 2/32" top of pickup to bottom of string
Neck  : 4/32" top of pickup to bottom of string

Sorry, this item is no longer manufactured.

 '67 Hornet Baritone
circa 2009

Experience the next wave in the Danelectro limited "Dead On" reissue line wth '67 Baritone Hornet.


Solid Basswood Body
Classic Dano Construction and Styling
Maple Neck with Adjustable Truss Rod at the Headstock
Original Danelectro Tremolo with Swivel Rosewood Bridge
Plastic knobs on the Tuning Gears
"Souped-up" Lipstick Pickups
Baritone neck scale: 29-1/2
Rosewood fingerboard
Totally Shielded
Aluminum Nut

Sorry, this item is no longer manufactured.